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The story about Vietnam Star fruit

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was loved by his mother so much but he was very playful and giddy. Once, being scolded by his mother, he stormed out of his house. He wandered everywhere, did not care that his mother at home waiting for him. The time passed and he still did not return, his mother was too miserable and exhausted, she passed away. Long time after that, hungry and cold, he was beaten by older children, he missed his mother.
- "Yes, when I was hungry, my mother still fed me, when I was bullied by another child, she still took care of me, came back to her mother".

He immediately found his way home. At home, the scenery is the same, but he could not see his mother. He hoarsely called his mother:

- Mom, where are you going, I'm so hungry! - The boy collapsed, then hugged a green tree in the garden and cried.

Strangely, the tree suddenly trembled. From the leaves, the little flower stations were blooming, white as clouds. Damaged flowers, fruits appear, grow fast, skin is smooth, shiny green. Tree tilted branches, a big fruit fell into the boy's hand.

He lightly squeezed around the soft bark, then cracked slightly. A stream of white milk bursts out, sweet like mother's milk.

The boy dropped his lips to get a sweet, delicious milk like mother's milk.

He burst into tears. Mother is no more. He looked up at the foliage, leafy green, the other side red as his mother's eyes wept for him. He hugged the tree and cried, the trunk was rough and rough like his mother's hands. His tears fell to the tree, Tree twig hugged him, shaking the leaves like mother's hands lovingly patted.

This is a touching story showing why we call it “Trái vú sữa” in Vietnamese which means “The mother’s milk fruit”. 

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