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Tiger Team Building 2019 - A journey to come back to the nature

Hi guys,

Last weekend, Tigers team organized annual team building event with a lot of informative and interesting activities. This time, we went to a province near the sea - Ba Ria-Vung Tau. This area consists of both the sea and the natural forest, which made our trip have so many things to see. Let’s follow us to see what have we learnt after the event.

We learnt about different kinds of plants and how to take care of them. Some plants like confetti or Aroid Palm love the sunshine so it is best to place them outside the house, others like green tea plant prefer the shadow. This knowledge helps the farmers choose the suitable plants and grow them properly.


After visiting the farm, we join the trip to the jungle - Tigers' home! The guide told us a lot about the history of Phuoc Buu nature reserve. According to the Ho Chi Minh city Travel Association, this is the only remaining coastal primary forest in Vietnam which has been listed as national forest since 1984. The area has low mountains (about 100-150 meters height) in the west side and the hills gently lean toward the seaside. People believed that the area used to be the sea because the scientists had found a lot of fossils of sea animals underground. We learnt about Dipterocarpaceae which is the endangered pieces because of the overcutting all over the world. When we walked through the forest, the drawbacks of climate change on the trees and lands were naturally displayed.


As you can see on the map, this reserve is just so close to the coastal line that, in the past, everytime the tidal wave was high, the area we went pass by became a part of the sea. The place we took the pictures below was full of water, can you believe that?

The Tiger squad

The art of nature

That is enough for learning, we came to practise by cleaning up the nearby beach. This beach is beautiful so there are a lot of people go here for photos or picnic. However, they left all the rubbish there.. Moreover, it was sad to figure out that some rubbish actually are fishing nets, which showed that even the fishermen, the one, whose life depends a lot on the sea, are not aware of the serious environmental problems. Through the activities we hope to raise the care among Tigers and other people: SAVE OUR PLANET!

Mission complete

We save the best for last, food and party is coming!
Tigers tried the best local food there, we will leave them here without any word, they are already very tasty.

With the whole squad, we “Work hard, play hard”. In Vietnam, people believe that drinking beer or wine together helps to create the bonding of people, just remember to drink in moderation.

The annual team building is an important event for our company to inspire the staff to care more about the people and the surroundings. This is the reason why our Tiger guides are so caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable as they got chances to experience not only on-the-job but also in real life.

If you are interested in visiting the forest and Vietnamese farm, you may find the information here helpful. Let’s join the tour with our Tiger team!


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